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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Trump Finally Crosses Impeachment Red Line

The Capitol Hill riot by Trump Supremacists marks a one-year anniversary. Last year before we had our friend Corona starting to wreak havoc, there...

Trump 2024 will Bankrupt the U.S. Dollar

By now it should be clear what Trump truly makes great. Bankruptcy. Call it a true calling or habit of experience. But everything he...

Psychos: Are they Born or Made?

Once you've identified that your everyday psycho is either a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath, you'll probably wonder how they ended up that way. Or...

2021 Really Needs to Get Serious about the Future

Time to throw out new year's resolutions and make declarations for 2021.

We’re Stuck in the Senate – How Does Presidential Veto Override Work Again?

The U.S. government has assured the public that $600 stimulus checks are on their way. But still cooking in the kitchen is the prospect...

BTS Delivered 7 Minutes of Magic – Just in Case You Wanted an Acceptable Parting Gift from 2020

Did Thanksgiving and Christmas just zoom by like another truckload of Mondays because of our dear squatter Corona? We're about to barrel into 2021...

The Only Old School Toner I’d Ever Use

If you had to use a toner with isopropyl alcohol, which would it be? For me, it's hands-down the Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion....

How Comfortable is it to Hike in a KF94 Mask?

The KF94 is the best mask to protect against Covid-19 on the market in South Korea. How does it stand the test of a...

How to Survive the Holidays with Toxic Guests

Even though we aren't supposed to gather this year due to the pandemic, no gathering is small enough if you have a toxic person...

The Reason Why Korea’s the Only Country with Green Onion Chex… (and Taste Test)!

Amidst great fanfare this summer, Kellogg's finally released its Green Onion flavored Chex breakfast cereal. I ignored it. Didn't care. We had masks and...

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